Cashio Token 

Revolutionary Gaming Industry 

Where you can own a piece of the Gaming profits from CashioGames Platform simply by holding Cashio Tokens

What we offer


Cashio Token Holders are rewarded with 40% of the Platform earnings in BNB

Buy-Back System

A revolutionary buyback system that buys 6% of sells bigger than 0.1% of total supply 

BNB Distribution

Everytime someone sells Cashio 7% of profits are distributed to Holders in BNB


Total Supply

777,777,777  Tokens 100% that will Ever Exist  


388,888,750  Tokens 50% of the Total Supply


180,000,000  Cashio Tokens 23% of the Total Supply 

Initial Burn

206,000,000  Cashio Tokens 26.5% of the Total Supply

Max Buy/Sell

3,888,888 Tokens 0.5% of the Total Supply 

Max Wallet

7,777,777 Tokens 1% of the Total Supply

Team Wallet

NO Team wallets at launch. These funds will be collected through the tax fees in BNB to ensure that they will not have any impact on the token price.  

Marketing Wallet

NO marketing/developing wallets at launch. These funds will be collected through the tax fees in BNB to ensure that they will not have any impact on the token price.

Our Unique Features

Ensures that the growth will be sustainable and will give the opportunity for investors to join with safety their investment and strong hodlers will be rewarded for their trust in the ecosystem. Token                        (CASHIO) 

Cashio token is a new Revolutionary Token on the Binance smart chain ecosystem with a unique Use-case and Tokenomics that has never been seen before in the Crypto-World. Cashio is a deflationary Buy-back token with Auto LP Acquisition Token Reflections and BNB distributions. Our Buy-back system ensures that all the big sells will be bought again from the contract while rewarding holders and burning some of the Tokens.   Hold Cashio Token in your wallet and earn BNB from CashioGames Platform. The distribution system ensures that rewards will be given even on low market volume conditions. Minimum amount required to be part of the distribution system is 77,700 Cashio Tokens. The most exciting part is that there will not be any Dev/Marketing/Team wallets at launch to dump tokens to investors.  

       CashioGames                         Platform 

Cashio team is developing a revolutionary Platform exclusively with Decentralized Gaming on which the biggest part of the profits gathered will be distributed to the Token holders..  CashioGames Platform will include a Jackpot contract which will gather BNB from the earnings and from every buy/sell fees and will be used with different ways to reward the lucky ones. Cashio Team is developing custom decentralized games to make the Platform one of its kind, attracting all Crypto-Gamers to our ecosystem. Our Platform will be the first to introduce interactions between the Lucky Gaming and NFT worlds taking a step to innovation. CashioGames includes an earning dashboard for Cashio Token holders to track all the information about the ecosystem. 

Distribution System

Our distribution system is implemented into the smart contract and distributes the BNB to investors accordingly to their Holdings. Users require to hold minimum amount of 77,700 Cashio Tokens to be eligible for the BNB Distribution. Reward pool relies on Platform earnings and Cashio Token transactions. Investors will be able to claim their rewards while tracking all the useful information on our Earnings Dashboard. Read our Whitepaper for more detailed information regarding the distribution systems.

Cashio Taxes

For more detailed information read our whitepaper

Buy 13%

✔️ 4% liquidity ✔️ 3% Token Reflections  ✔️ 2% Marketing ✔️ 1,5% Platform Development ✔️ 1,5% Team ✔️ 1% Jackpot Wallet 


✔️ 40% BNB Distribution  ✔️ 20% Marketing/Developing ✔️ 20% Team ✔️ 10% Jackpot ✔️ 10% NFT 

Sell 16%

✔️ 7% BNB Distribution ✔️ 6% Buy-Back System  ✔️ 3% Liquidity


Every cryptocurrency has its own establishment story. Not being an exception we share with you our plans from the very beginning till today.

2021 Q3 
Phase 1

Idea was born and written ✔️ Set Milestones for startup ✔️ Developing Cashio Token ✔️ Planning the Platform ✔️  Website, Logo ✔️

Phase 2

WhitepaperV1 ✔️ Marketing campaign ✔️ Audit by ✔️ Platform Demo ✔️ Earnings Dashboard ✔️

Phase 1

Team KYC ✔️ AMA prio to Pre-sale ✔️ Public Pre-sale of the token (Cancelled) ❌ Launch on Pancakeswap (postponed) ❌ 

Phase 2 Re branding ✔️ Whitepaper V2 ✔️ Decentralized Game Design ✔️ Marketing Campaign ⏳ AMA prio to Pre-sale ✔️ Pre-Sale of✔️ Launch on Pancakeswap ✔️

2022 Q1
Phase 1

Coinmarketcap List ✔️ Coingecko List ✔️ Release of Decentralized Game ✔️ Release of (CDSC) MiniGame ✔️ Plans for NFT marketplace Release of Unique NFT's Plans for NFT games 

Phase 2

Plans for P2E game Developing NFT marketplace Developing NFT games Website Design Update  

2022 Q2
Coming Soon!

The best has yet to come! Last update: 27-12-21

Listings and Partners

Cashio Token Address :

0x88424c56dfaecb972c3163248928d00942191a92 Do not trust anyone sending contracts. If you want to be 100% sure and secure come back here and check the contract address. Many people will try to make a clone of our project and attempt to steal money from investors. What we are building is a complex system that cannot be build in weeks, anyone pretending to be us and claiming that they have a working product similar to ours is 100% suspicious and will result in loss of funds. Patience is the key to success and eventually will reward you. Be always aware and stay safe. Cashio Team will never DM you first.


The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. By purchasing Cashio Tokens, you agree you are aware of the risks associated with smart contracts and hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. Trading cryptocurrencies or investing in start-up projects involves considerable risk of loss. You should always invest what you can afford to loose. Future development should not be considered that it will be delivered on the exact time as presented. Always do your own research before you invest.

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